Thursday, June 21, 2007

Many Melons

Melon scarf, from Victorian Lace Today. The yarn is Valley Yarn Alpaca/Silk, hand-dyed by the Kangaroo Dyer, in Camilla Pink. Cast on over the weekend, so I'd have some car knitting. The pattern is pretty easy--a 6-row repeat that's easy-peasy to remember. I've done about 45 out of 70 repeats so far.

I've also finished the center panel for the Stripes and Torchon lace scarf that will be my SIL's Christmas present, and made some progress on the Monkey socks.

The main impediment to knitting seems to be Ravelry--I'm spending way too much time there! I've volunteered to edit several books, in part so I feel like I'm at least doing something vaguely productive, rather than simply drooling over other people's projects.

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