Thursday, March 13, 2008

E is for . . .


No pictures; I'm too tired.

Spring break is over; we drove over 1000 miles (Boston to MIL's, NJ, to Grad School, NJ, to NYC, to Parent's, NJ, to NYC, to Parent's, to Hospital, NJ (to see the new nephew) to MIL, to Parent's, to MIL, to Boston. It makes me tired just thinking about it.)

The defense, while nerve-wracking, was a success; I now need to clean up the dissertation and submit the final copy. But I've got well over a month before that's due.

The new nephew, although a month early, was almost 7lb when he was born on Saturday (having kindly and politely waited until after Aunt Susan's party on Friday). He's back in the NICU right now, for jaundice, but seems to be getting less yellow by the minute and they expect him home in a couple of days.

Stupid annoying medical things are making me feel generally crummy and run-down, so the driving and excitement took more of a toll than it normally would. (This has resulted in a complete stoppage of all grading around here, but since we're going to a museum for class tomorrow, I don't think it's so awful. I'll have their papers done for Tuesday.)

I have a job application due tomorrow and I'm having the worst time articulating a teaching philosophy.

A more cheerful post (with knitting!) coming soon. And my F will definitely have pictures--lots of pictures.

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