Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Block-a-bye Flutter

Flutter scarf, blocking. The ends are woven in but still the tails need to be cut off.
I'm not sure how well the flutter ends will block out; I tried to pin them into sort of pleats, and to stretch the yarn (MamaLlama silken cashmere in Bella) out as much as possible.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with this knit. The pattern is well-written, and fairly easy (and quick!) to knit; it's a great one-skein lace project. The yarn is soft and lovely, although the pinks bled a fair amount while soaking. I gave it a second bath with a glug of vinegar, and a third bath to try and get a little of the vinegar scent out, so hopefully that's the end of the bleeding. It didn't bleed at all on my hands while I was actually knitting it, so I'm not too worried about the final product.

I only had 400 yards, rather than 440, but the scarf blocked out to a little over 60" long, and 10" wide, which should make for a nice neck scarf. I'll take some action shots once it's dry!

And I'll probably cast on for another one soon--I have a skein of Posh Sophia that I've been looking for a good pattern for.

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