Monday, March 9, 2009

Things I did on my spring break

Flew to Portugal, where we

Admired the boats:

Cascais Harbor. (Icarus Shawl, in Misti Alpaca Lace--my first big lace project and favorite, most-worn knit.)

Visited the Boca do Inferno:
"Boca do Inferno" translates to "Hellmouth." But no Buffy sightings, even though we walked out to it six times.

Saw peacocks:
Taken at the Castle of St. George.

Wandered around Lisbon:

Even found a yarn store, and bought some yarn. No pictures of that yet, though.

Walked for miles along the beach:
There's a lovely quay from Estoril, the town we stayed in, to Cascais, the next town over, and beyond. I think we averaged about eight miles a day!

Saw the casino that inspired Ian Fleming's Casino Royale:

Ate tons of seafood:

Wandered around the towns:
All the sidewalks of the larger streets and most of the smaller, pedestrian walks were paved like this, with interesting designed.

Knit some, read some. Mostly just enjoyed being with the husband, who's in Kyiv for the semester--Portugal seemed like a sunnier option for the first week of March, and I found a great deal online. So we had a romantic tryst in Estoril for a week, and now it's back to snow, classes, and missing him.

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