Saturday, March 24, 2007

Progress on the large rectangle

I am thoroughly enjoying knitting with the Sari yarn--the fabric it's producing makes me want to roll around in it, neked. Or maybe knit lingerie out of it--that would be lovely.

I've done 5 of 30 repeats of the main rectangle of the scarf, but our camera isn't digital, so no pictures. We've been holding off--our "real" camera is a good Nikon, with lots of lenses to play with, and my DH--the one who always takes the pictures--wants to get a good Nikon digital, so we can use the lenses there, too. We've just about settled on getting a small one, too--it would be more portable, and better in some cases for that reason. DH keeps telling me to just buy one, but he knows more about what we're looking for than I do. I look at the eleventy-million versions of small, portable digital cameras and feel slightly dizzy trying to figure out how they're different, and why one is worth three times the next.

So no pictures right now; I'm going to push for the camera this week, though, because we're off to Bermuda for a long weekend next weekend. Since the New England weather has been something of a revolving door (it's spring! it's winter! it's spring! it's winter! 60 degrees! 6 inches of snow!), I can't wait for a nice pink beach.

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Park Bench Knitter said...

I know you wrote this a while ago, but I only found it now. Thanks to Ravelry! Your work is lovely! And while I'm not using the same yarn you are, I love the idea of lingerie with it. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful work and your great ideas!