Sunday, April 29, 2007

Alpine Lace

My Alpine Lace scarf, from VLT, is moving right along. I'm about 2/3 done; I really like that the border is knit at the same time as the center panel. Since I have less yardage (about 800 yards) than the pattern calls for (850), I'm weighing the yarn periodically to make sure I know when to switch to the end pattern.

The pattern itself is very pretty:
And it's about this long:
The real issue is that the two skeins of yarn are different colors--it's more evident in these two pictures. A nice, big, whopping line of demarcation where I switched skeins.


I do, however, have some hope that the second skein will lighten up a bit once it's washed. The first skein didn't leave any dye on my fingers; the second one is, though. So maybe some of the dye will bleed off.

I gave the first half a bath already, and blocked it out. The finished measurements in VLT are 18" x 56"; with about a repeat left on the skein, the scarf blocked out to about 19" x 30". It didn't stay that blocked out, though. This if my first all-cashmere anything; I'm not sure if it holds the blocking as well as, say, merino wool, which seems to just do what it's told.

I've been pretty monogamous on this project--I still have to figure out a border for the large rectangle I'm making for myself. But the Alpine lace is a gift for a birthday coming up at the end of May, and I'd love to be able to actually give L her scarf then.

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