Thursday, July 19, 2007

Christmas in July

My mom has a thing for Santas. (No, not that kind of a thing. A collecting kind of a thing.)

She must have 300 of them, and every year at Christmas, they come out. And every January, they get wrapped back up and put away until the following year.

At least, that was the routine until G and I took our first trip to Russia 6 years ago, when we came back with a carved St. Nicholas statue--maybe 6 inches high. It stayed on the mantel year-round.

Since then, we've been back to Russia once (and brought back 2 more St. Nicks), and G found one in Poland. So she had 3 tall-ish (10 inches, maybe?) and 1 shorter statue. They reside in a place of honor on the mantel, all year round.

But she kept telling me that they didn't balance--3 tall and 1 short, there was no way to arrange them on the mantel.

When a friend of ours went to Russia last month, you can guess what we asked her to bring back:

Two more St. Nicholas statues--one tall, one short.

I was going to wait, and give them to her in December, but I couldn't wait.

She was absolutely delighted--and now the mantel balances perfectly.

I am, however, waiting to hear her next reason for why we should go to Russian and buy more St. Nicks. :)

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