Thursday, July 5, 2007

On the kindness of strangers

One of the most amazing things about Ravelry is the way that it connects people. If I have a question about knitting, I can ask it there, and get an answer within minutes.

Casey and Jess have been generous with their idea, opening it as quickly as possible to as many people as they can. They are (or at least it seems this way) always online, making comments, offering suggestions, answering questions, cracking jokes. Their presence helps make Ravelry feel like a small, friendly community, even though it's made up of people from all around the world.

Ravelers have been generous with their time, editing patterns and yarns, answering knitting questions, offering advice.

The generosity of complete strangers--some of whom have become my friends inside the computer very quickly--is a wonderful thing to witness.

To wit:

Posh Yarns Beatrice in Claret (in real life, much closer to a nice claret wine color than the photo shows).
Posh Yarns Sophia in Pink
And Posh Yarns Cecelia in Lagoon.

All sent to me a Raveler who, having read my enthusiastic endorsement of all things Posh Yarns on one of the forums, thought that I would enjoy them. She didn't want money, or sock yarn, or even postage--just to send the yarn, which she had decided she would never use, to a good home.

All I can say is "Wow." and many, many thanks.

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