Saturday, August 11, 2007

One Sock, Two Sock (Three Sock!)

One Sock:

Sockapalooza socks--Jaywalkers in Cherry Tree Hill Superwash, from the sadly blogless Lisa in Tennessee!

Thanks, Lisa--they're terrific! I've already worn them once--the weather was a little chilly on Thursday, and I was spending some serious time in an overly-airconditioned library, making hand-knit socks an excellent choice.

Two sock:

Snicket Sock in Gjestal Silja Sock Yarn. A lovely limey chartreuse color.

and my first short-row heel. It's a little wonky--moving the stitches to a spare needle seemed pretty awkward--but it's interesting. And now I know how to do it.

Three sock:

the third sock isn't here, it's in Michigan, at my sock pal's blog: Bethtoons, of Life, Knitting, and the Pursuit of Rollercoasters . I'm so glad that they got to her safely (and that they fit! I was worried they would be too . . . something. Long? Short? Narrow? Wide? But evidently Monkeys are not only brilliant at making pooling disappear, they're brilliant for having an excellent fit. :)

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