Monday, October 1, 2007

October goals

I've seen several bloggers (alas, I can't recall exactly who or where, at the moment) do a monthly project goals listing--I think that, with Christmas knitting looming, that I'm going to try and do the same. I like making lists. :)

So, to sum up September:
  1. Finished the Husband Sweater . Verdict: Fabulous! A great sweater that looks good on the DH, was fun to knit, and didn't take that long. I liked it so much I'm starting another one.
  2. Finished the Test Knit for Mama Llama. Verdict: I'm pretty happy with this one. The yarn was lovely, and pattern was easy enough to do but interesting enough to not get bored.
  3. Finished one Snicket sock, started and then frogged the second. Verdict: Meh. My cables are wonky and they take too much time and concentration to be good portable knitting. The finished product looks pretty good, though, and it was my first short-row heel. I'll finish the second sock eventually.
  4. Added most of the border to the Melon Scarf . Verdict: So far, so good--I've got about two repeats of the border, grafting, blocking, and end-weaving left. This should be done soon. I love the yarn I'm using for it, and would definitely get more of it.
  5. Cast on for a pair of portable socks--one down and I'm on the heel-flap for the second. Verdict: This is my first pair of basic, no-frills socks, and I love them. I'm also loving the STR yarn. This is probably the best pair of socks I've knit.
  6. Knit a swatch for the Brother Sweater and even ran it through the washer/dryer. Verdict: So far, so good--the yarn is easy to take care of, which is important, and I like the color. Now I just have to measure and do some math. If it comes out well, I may make a matching one for the nephew.
Stash accumulation:
  1. 4 skeins of Knit Picks Shine Worsted in Apple Green (for a baby sweater, most likely)
  2. 8 skeins of Plymouth Encore--7 in heathered green, 1 in heathered brown (for the Brother Sweater)
  3. 1 set of Knit Picks Harmony Options Interchangables, which I'm loving.
October Goals:
  1. Finish the melon scarf. This shouldn't be too hard, as I've only got about 16 rows of knitting left before I'm done with the border.
  2. Make a good start on the Brother Sweater. This also shouldn't be too hard, as I loved knitting my first seamless hybrid, and I can't wait to use my Harmony needles.
  3. Work on the Stripes and Torchon Scarf for my SIL's Christmas present. This will be more of a challenge, as each border repeat has taken me almost an hour, and I've got about a zillion repeats left to go.*
  4. Finish the portable socks. This should be pretty easy, as well--it's good mindless knitting.
  5. Learn how to knit socks on two circular needles. If I can find the time, and get the needles I need.
  6. Cast on for the second Snicket sock. More of a challenge, but not as hard as the S&T scarf!
As for stash, on the one hand, I don't really need anything. On the other, I have birthday money burning a hole in my pocket! I may place a small order to Knit Picks, and get a set of size 1 fixed circulars, since I want to learn how to knit socks on two circs. I'd also like a needle sizer from them to keep with my Harmony set. I've also been coveting a Namaste Executive bag and I really could use a new purse . . .

*This might be a slight exaggeration. It's more in the neighborhood of several dozen repeats.

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