Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mail call!

A couple of weeks ago, Carolyn at I Heart Yarn had a contest, asking commenters to post their New Year's Resolutions. My resolution was (and is!) to knit more from my stash. This isn't just about saving money (although that's not a bad side benefit), or finding more space (although my current yarn storage is full-to-overflowing). My desire to knit from my stash stems largely from the knowledge that I have some beautiful yarns in there, and projects in mind for them; I bought these yarns because I loved them, but I'm often enticed by the lure of something new. So my stash has been growing, and those beautiful yarns remain tucked away, unloved.

Carolyn was kind enough to know that this resolution was one that could be broken with the right temptation:

Two skeins of Shepard's Shades wool in a lovely greenish-brown, along with a ribbon that compliments it beautifully and a copy of Carolyn's Mackenzie bag pattern--so cute it may require a whole other breaking-of-the-no-new-stash-resolution since I'll need a cute outfit to go with it.

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