Friday, June 20, 2008

2008 Summer Goals

Ali over at Skeins Her Way is having a little contest: post your summer goals for 2008. I, of course, am running in just under the wire (well, I have about 13 hours left to get this up!), but needed the kick in the pants to get some goals up. I've been really awful about posting goals, lately, which is too bad, since it helped me to stay vaguely organized. Month-to-month seems to have been too much for me to keep up with, maybe season-to-season will be better!

Summer Goals 2008:

  • Finish Madli's Shawl.
  • Re-start (and finish!) the Waving Lace socks.
  • Dye the two skeins of Knit Picks bare sock yarn I have. I've never dyed anything before, so this is my "learn something new" for the summer.
  • Use the newly dyed skeins to knit a shawl for my Aunt, who's having a bit of a rough time lately. My goal for dyeing and knitting this is going to be July 13, since that's the date of New Nephew's christening, and I should see her then. I want to make sort of a prayer shawl, so maybe I'll find a nice stitch pattern (maybe something that looks like tulips, 'cause she loves tulips) and just design my own.
  • Pick a pattern for the skein of Posh Yarn Beatrice that I have sitting in my stash, and knit it up for my friend R. Sooner rather than later on that one, too. Probably a stole, rather than a triangular shawl. Maybe Seascape, from the new Knitty?
  • Knit a yarn and a pattern and knit it up for my friend H's 35 birthday. Which isn't until October, so that's a back-burner kind of project. Maybe using the lovely raspberry-colored yarn I bought at Habu? Or a swallowtail out of the skein of Posh Celia I have in my stash.
Those are the main goals, mostly shawls, and all lace. Summer of Lace starts tomorrow, as well, so I'm working on that. Lots of gift knitting, although the socks are for me. I'd also like to start on the husband-sweater I've already swatched for, but that might be too warm to deal with this summer. I'd also like to make a new pirate hat for DH, as I managed to felt the last one. But I'm going to start with lace, and see where that gets me. If we hit a cold patch, or I need a more portable project, maybe I'll get started on that, as well!

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