Monday, June 16, 2008

Better late than never: the vacation edition

One day, I will blog things on time.

One day, I will remember to take pictures when I'm out doing interesting things, like visiting my first sheep festival.

One day, I will post actual knitting content.

Today is not that day.

The first week of June, DH and I went on vacation. With his mom. Which was actually way more fun that it sounds like, since I really like my mother-in-law. Although the cottage we rented was, indeed, rather small, it did have two bedrooms, so we could all close the doors and have a little privacy. And it was right on the water--the bay side of Cape Cod, in Truro.

We drove out on Saturday, and while my MIL left Wednesday morning, DH and I extended our trip by an extra night, and were there until the following Sunday.

On the first Sunday, we went to a sheep festival (my first!) at Taylor-Bray Farm, in Yarmouth Port. In a fit of camnesia, Sunday was the first of eight days that I neglected to bring the camera and take any pictures. Suffice to say, sheep are cute, as are goats and llama. The sheep dogs were the highlight. And there was yarn:

40z of lace-weight mohair, 2-ply. Incredibly evenly spun, from Knot-a-Thot Farms in West Barnstable. No idea on yardage, or what to do with it. A scarf, I suppose, in a nice repeating pattern so I can make it as long/short as I have yarn for.

And also this:
Hand spun and hand dyed, with natural dye (coreopsis flowers).

156 yards of . . . heavy worsted? maybe bulky? No idea what to do with it, but it was pretty and the DH insisted--insisted!--I needed more yarn. And the woman who dyed & spun it was very nice, and spent a lot of time talking to me about how she dyed the yarns.

Other unphotographed highlights included excellent barbecue, incredible seafood, and a trip to Truro Vineyards with my MIL for a wine tasting. Which we've done before, but which was a highlight of this trip because my MIL was highly resistant at first, and then enjoyed herself far more than she was expecting to.

Other than yarn, shopping included a trip to the Atlantic Spice Co., which I highly recommend if you're ever out on the tip of Cape Cod, window shopping in Provincetown, and a wander through Chatham. I wanted to go to Chatham because we have a set of fish salt-and-pepper shakers that I love, and which I was pretty certain we'd bought in Chatham. Memory did in fact prove correct, and we found these:

At Yankee-Ingenuity, the same store where we'd bought the other set of shakers.

I'd better get cracking on actual work, though, as my Summer 2 class starts in two weeks, and I have yet to finish my course calendar!

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