Monday, May 14, 2007

Border patrol

I'm making pretty good progress on my border--I spent several hours knitting and listening to an audiobook (for some reason, I keep wanting to call them "books on tape," even though I've downloaded them to my iPod.) I belong to, and they run specials every day--a different book for $6.97. Last week, they offered Justice Hall, by Laurie R. King--the main characters are Sherlock Holmes and his wife, Mary Russell. Russell is the narrator and main focus, but they're pretty clever detective stories in the style of Conan Doyle.

So as I listen, I'm making good progress on the border. I'm around two corners, and have about a foot left on one long side, the cast-on edge, and about six inches on the start side before grafting. With any luck, I'll be blocking by the middle of the week.

This picture is a much better representation of the color:

I love watching the changes. And the silk/cashmere blend is just yummy!

I'd like to be done for the weekend in part because I want to go down to visit my family next week--my nephew, T, turns three on May 26, my best friend L (and recipient of the Alpine lace shawl) has a birthday a few days later , and my mom's having surgery on June 1. My brother and SIL are throwing a party for T on his birthday, but I'd like to go down a bit early to hang out with L and spend some time with my mom pre-surgery. And if I happened to have a glamorous new shawl for the party, well, that would be ok.

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