Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Week in Review

I know that I've been MIA for the last week, but that doesn't mean no knitting. In fact:

A finished, albeit sideways, blocking large rectangle. It's been out in public, although the day (Saturday, for my nephew's birthday party) turned out too hot to really wear it.

I went down to visit some family last week; on Monday, I took the Limoliner down to NYC, where I met w/my best friend. The Limoliner was fun; for $79 one way you get wireless internet, decent cell phone coverage, comfy leather seats, CNN followed by a movie, and a turkey sandwich. On my way down, I emailed L and told her I was on my way; she replied to say she had forgotten about her book club, which met that night. Fortunately, they were reading Hedda Gabler, which was short enough to download (yeah internet!) and read on the way down. Last month they read Moby Dick, which I never would have finished. The Limoliner leaves from Back Bay and goes to midtown Manhattan (from the Hilton on both ends), which put me only a few blocks from where L lives. So we met up and I gave her her birthday lace, which she liked.

On my way to Penn Station, we hit School Products (what? it's not that far!--only a few blocks, and the nice man at the store let us put the luggage in a corner) and I bought some more lace-weight yarn:

100% baby camel yarn. 3 skeins in a warm cream color. Which, at 463 yards a skein, gives me loads to play with. I'm thinking of a shawl for my MIL, who also knits. She knits continentally, which makes sense since she moved here from Poland almost 45 years ago.

From Penn Station I went to NJ, where I spent the night with my MIL. We went shopping, which she needed to do because she's lost a lot of weight since my FIL passed away in February, and she doesn't really like to go by herself. I also astounded her with the information that pizza parlors will sell individual slices, much to her delight.

Wednesday I went out to my parents' house, which is located on a small lake--cool and comfortable, and lots of fun. Part of the reason for my trip was my nephew's birthday. He turned three on Saturday:

He's so flippin' adorable I can't stand it. And completely adores my brother and father (pooh-pa, he calls my dad). "My daddy can do that" "My daddy help me do that" "My pooh-pa play with me". So frickin' cute.

A little overstimulated at the party, but he didn't have a nap. And he did have two pieces of cake.

L and her boyfriend came out (with the dog, much to T's three-year-old delight) for the party, and stayed overnight at my parents'. My parents adore L ("this is our other daughter" is how they introduce her)

Uncle George and I gave him a fishing rod and a bed tent-thingy (he loves the tent he has right now, and told his dad he wanted to go fishing this summer. Uncle George was happy to oblige with the fishing part).

So on Sunday we all gathered again at my folks', and Uncle George took T fishing. He had a great time (they both did, I think!) and caught 4 fish! I was surprised by how long his attention lasted--over half an hour, and then a break, and then back to fishing. "No touch" on the worms or the fish, but the actually casting and reeling parts were hits.

I've also been working on my new shawl:

Stripes and Torchon Lace, also from Victorian Lace Today. Clearly, the book was an excellent investment. When L and I were deciding on a pattern for her shawl, my SIL kept looking at the Stripes and Torchon pattern, saying how much she liked it. I can take a hint, so I'm using the Malabrigo lace yarn I bought at Webs. The yarn is really nice--very soft--and generally I like it. When I wound the first skein, however, I found a knot, and made two balls. The huge, honking line of demarcation is the result. I'm not going to worry about it, though; it's actually less noticeable in real life, and I think once I add the border--it's a fairly wide one--it will be even less so.

Yesterday we came back to MA, and I'm now trying to get myself back on track, despite having caught an ugly cold. Hopefully this lovely weather will knock it out of my pretty quickly.

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