Monday, May 14, 2007


Although I have not yet purchased yarn for my sock pal, I've been lurking on said pal's blog, and perusing various stitch dictionaries to try and come up with the perfect pattern. I'd like to try and design a sock for my pal; given what I know so far, I have some ideas.

I haven't contacted my pal yet--nothing on the blog suggests she's getting antsy about it (I know that there has been some worry on the pligg from people who haven't heard anything from their pal). If she does, I'll leave a comment, but generally, I'm going with the idea that this is a secret swap, and so not contacting her is ok. I did get a comment from my own upstream* pal, and can't wait to see what she's making!

I'm hoping to take a trip to Webs sometime this week, and am thinking about some of their sock yarn. Their Valley Yarns Franklin looks lovely, especially the Aruba and Spruce colorways, both of which go with my pal's blues-and-greens preferences.

I think I need to see the yarn in person, though (thanks, pal, for the perfect excuse to make the trip!). I think it's about a two hour ride from Boston, so I'm hoping to leave after rush hour, get there in time to shop, have lunch, and come back home before rush hour strikes again--maybe on Friday. I'll be driving mostly against rush hour, though, so it should be ok. The DH says he's willing to come (he's even said it sounds like fun), but I think if I wait for him, I'll have to rush through the socks. :) He keeps making plans to go fishing on all the days I want to go to Webs. On the bright side, the amount he spends on fishing paraphernalia makes the amount I spend on yarn look a mere pittance!

*I love this way of putting it: upstream and downstream pals. :)


Carola said...

I must be your downstream pal - I haven't been contacted yet and the yarn you are going to choose is just for me ;-) Well, what are the odds with over 1.000 participants, sigh.
The comparison between fishing time and yarn buying time is a nice one!

Seanna Lea said...

Oooh, Webs! I have heard so many good things about it. I'd love to go.

If I had a car... and a license, I would drive you (rather than you waiting on your husband) just to go myself!

s b said...

Ohhhh--A trip to webs. I drool over their website often, but I live on the wrong coast to be able to hop over for a short visit. If I was your sock pal, I might not be worried but I sure would appreciate an anonymous post on my blog or an anonymous email just saying someone is knitting for me. But that's just me...

Laura said...

I have some of the Franklin in Mountain Springs. If your pal loves purples and greens, that would be a perfect fit. I havsn't knit from it yet, but it is very nice to the touch.